From Scouts for Scouts, the camp that CICE and CNE are making available for hosting during World Youth Day.

Bring your tent and we promise you a hotel with millions of stars! If you live the ideal of BP and you really want to experience this WYD, this will be the best place to stay between July 28 and August 7.

We don’t want our camp to be just another place to stay; we want you to witness the dynamism of fraternal joy that we hope to breathe and live here. Close to the hustle and bustle of the city, you will be in communion with nature, you will have at your disposal a rich pedagogical offer inside the camp and also daily Eucharist.

Everything you normally bring to a camp, don’t forget to bring here too. We only guarantee the location and meals from 28 July for dinner until 31 July for lunch. Don’t forget your stewardship!

Like any Scottish camp, this one will also have rules to follow! As soon as you sign up you’ll receive all the information!

Day 28 July, dinner, overnight.
July 29th, breakfast, lunch, dinner and overnight.
July 30, breakfast, lunch, dinner and overnight.
July 31st breakfast & lunch.

From 1 August (includes night of 31 July) to 7 August Camping as part of World Youth Day, Package 1A for pilgrims or volunteers.

From 28 July to 31 July transport is not included.
From 1 August to 7 August transportation is provided by WYD

The Pre-World Day Package (28-31 July) costs EUR 45.
Two days €35 and a single day €25.

Registration (SOLD OFF)

Map of the Camp